The conference on Nonlinear Economic Dynamics (NED) continues a series of scientific meetings related to nonlinear dynamic modeling in economics and finance initiated in Odense (Denmark, 2002, 2003) and continued in Tokyo (Japan, 2004), Urbino (Italy, 2005), Bielefeld (Germany, 2007), Jönköping (Sweden, 2009), Cartagena (Spain, 2011), Siena (Italy, 2013), Tokyo (Japan, 2015) and Pisa (Italy, 2017).
Websites of past NED conferences:
The goal of the conference is to provide a platform for an interdisciplinary exchange among researchers interested in nonlinear economic dynamics. Conference topics include:
  • complex processes in economics and finance modeled by nonlinear dynamical systems (smooth and piecewise smooth, continuous and discontinuous, in discrete and continuous time, systems with delay, etc.);
  • related topics in evolutionary game theory;
  • dynamics of systems with adaptive expectation, social interaction, learning mechanisms, heterogeneous agents;
  • behavioral economics models, structural change and growth models, new economic geography models.
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